The Egyptian Flag Football League kicked off its sixth season last Friday at Gardenia Field with strong competition among the six teams participating. 

Despite the harsh weather conditions, all six teams were able to deliver solid performances as the competition levels continue to rise along with the development of football in Egypt.

The first game of the season kicked off between the Eagles and Hounds as Haidy Wael officiated the game, becoming the first female referee in the history of football in Egypt. 

The Hounds, missing their key QBs Habiba El Assar and Alia Haitham, have now appointed Nadine Khaled, former Warriors player.

The Hounds were able to secure one rushing touchdown by Amira Fekry but weren’t able to even the score as the Eagles dominated the field with their concrete defense and remarkable offense. 

The Eagles earned their 18-6 win as Dalia Abdelatif earned the MVP of the game with a receiving touchdown and remarkable 15 flag pulls. 

The Warriors and Wolves went head to head in the following game which picked up its speed in the second half as the Wolves scored the first touchdown of the game when Yara Tawhid completed 73 yards to Aya Amer followed by a receiving touchdown by Dina Elkholy.

The Warriors quickly caught up with 2 passing touchdowns to Sara Fouad and Shaden El Antary Ending the game with a 12-06 lead and their defensive player Nesreen Yasser earning the MVP of the game.

For the last game of the opening week, the Tigers faced the Bears who started the game focused scoring two touchdowns in the first half to be in the lead with 12 points. 

The Tigers started catching up in the second half as Mariam Noaman intercepted the ball allowing for their offense to be in a good position to advance the ball, resulting in a touchdown as quarterback Nada Gouda passed the ball to Menna El Toukhy. But the Bears stayed in the lead and sealed their win with their last passing touchdown to Farah Yasser who earned the MVP of the game.