EFFL VI Week 5

The EFFL VI regular season wrapped up last Friday, but not before giving us one last exciting game day to end the season on a high note. EFFL VI will certainly be an important landmark in EFFL history marking excellence in talents, performance and team work.

The Warriors earned their last win of the season against the Tigers in the first game of our last week. The Tigers, who were fourth before the week started with a win, a tie and two losses, were struggling during the game. While the offense earned a single first down, the defense was doing better with 32 flag pulls, 2 deflections and a 15 yards interception. 

The Tigers’ defense was shutting down the Warriors strong running game, which left them with only one score in the second half with a passing touchdown to Farah El Masry. Nonetheless, the 8 to nothing win guaranteed an undefeated season for the Warriors who had their spot in the Bowl assured. 

In the second game, the Hounds took on the Wolves, to earn their last win of the season with 13 points to nothing. 

The Wolves have struggled through EFFL VI, but their defense definitely didn’t struggle in this game. With early blitz pressure on the Hounds QB, the Wolves guaranteed slowing down their passing progress leaving the Hounds with only 54 passing yards for the game, while the wolves defense got 10 pulls for loss and 35 flag pulls. 

The Hounds defense also pressured the Wolves resulting in a pick six by Yasmin Abdelhady right before the first half ended. During the second half, the Hounds focused on the running game, as Amira Fekry maintained her team’s progress, and Habiba El Assar sealed the win with their second touchdown of the game to end the season with 2 wins, 2 losses and a tie. 

The Bears and Eagles went head-to-head in the last game of the season, playing a competitive game that can only be described as the cherry on top for EFFL VI. 

Both teams played a strong and exciting game until the last whistle as both offensive units shined with around 500 passing yards each. The Eagles scored on their first drive with a pass from Malak Sabry to Habiba El Sarky. The Bears scored soon after with a pass to Nourhan Zidan, and the Eagles followed in the next drive with another touchdown to Maha Abdelfattah. 

The Bears scored again with a pass to Mariam Ehab, and on the Eagles’ next drive Nourhan Zidan intercepted Malak’s ball to allow her team’s offense to put another score as Haidy Wael passed to Farah Yasser ending the half with a 22-16 lead for the Bears. 

As the second half started, the Bears scored on their first drive to Mennatallah Mokhtar and from that point forward, both teams were scoring on almost every drive. 

The Eagles scored next with a pass to Maha Abdelfattah. Then the Bears again with a 10 yards keep by QB Haidy Wael. 

The Eagles’ Qb Amira Nader then scored a passing touchdown to Menna Rayan followed by the Bears’ Habiba Negm scoring, then the Eagles Maha Abdelfattah scored one last time. Before the end of game, Haidy Wael passed her last touchdown to Mennatallah Mokhtar to end the game with a 49-36 win for the Bears guaranteeing their spot in the EFFL VI Bowl.