As we’re getting close to wrapping up EFFL VI, the turns are still keeping us surprised and eager to see who makes it into the Bowl of one of the most competitive seasons of EFFL yet. 

The Warriors earned a well-deserved win against the Eagles in a strong matchup that kept us wondering until the last whistle. The Warriors kicked off the game with blitzing pressure by Rana Sharshar scoring a safety on the first drive. The Eagles then took the lead by scoring three touchdowns by Aya El Fakharany and Menna Rayan (2) to end the first half with a 20-02 lead for the Eagles. 

As the Second half started, the Warriors showed determination as Shereen Sherif scored her team’s first touchdown. QB Nour Anwar then did a 48 yards keep to score their second touchdown which was followed by 2 passing touchdowns to Shaden El Antary and Farah El Masry. The Warriors then sealed their win with a fifth and final touchdown to receiver Farah El Masry. 

The Eagles tried to catch up in the last seconds, but their last score on the last drive to Menna Rayan couldn’t give them the win ending the game with a 34 to 26 win for the Warriors, breaking the Eagles’ streak and solidifying the Warriors lead. 

The second game this week also turned heads as the Hounds secured a close win over the Cairo Bears, changing the dynamic of EFFL VI. 

The Bears started by scoring in the first drive as QB Nagham Hazem passed a touchdown to Farah Yasser. The Hounds were quickly right behind, scoring on their next drive as QB Habiba El Assar ran for a 9 yards touchdown. 

As the game continued, both teams maintained their progress, being head-to-head drive after drive. QB Haidy Wael was back in the field despite her injury to score the Bears’ second touchdown to Sara Hassan. The Hounds scored in the next drive with a 4 yards pass to Yasmin Abdel Hady and the Bears followed two downs later with another score to Habiba Negm. 

But before the half was over, the Hounds scored another touchdown to Youmna Ibrahim which was followed by a conversion point that finally gave the lead to the Hounds with a 20-19 score. 

As the second half started, both teams maintained the same momentum; The Bears scored another touchdown to Farah Yasser followed by the Hounds to Aya Khaled. The Bears then passed to Sara Fouad who scored another touchdown which was followed by a 23 yards running touchdown by Amira Fekry. On the last drive, the Hounds’ conversion point guaranteed their win, allowing QB Habiba El Assar to take a knee for the last play in the game celebrating her team’s 32-31 win. 

The Tigers earned a solid win over the Wolves in the last game of the week. The Wolves kicked off the game with a passing touchdown by Yara Tawhid to Aya Amer. The Tigers’ Shaymaa Youssef then followed with a passing touchdown to Nouran ElShemy. And before the half was over Habiba Hassan intercepted the Wolves’ ball in a critical spot to allow the Tigers offense to progress with a run by Nadien Sherif followed by a passing touchdown to Toka Khaled. The Tigers’ focus and skill on both offense and defense gave them the lead in the first half with 13 points to 6. 

As the second half started, the Tigers’ Habiba Hassan scored a 30 yards pick 6 to solidify her team’s lead which was then followed by Kenzy Salama earning them a safety to be in the lead with 21 points. They then scored their final touchdown of the game to Khloud Ehab. 

The Wolves, trying to fight back, earned one last touchdown too as Aya Amer received a pass. The game ended with a 28-12 win for the Tigers.