The GUC Eagles, led by quarterback Justin Mckenzie, met the Cairo Warriors, led by quarterback Jeffrey Reed, in an East division matchup in ENFL Week 2 on Friday, 8th of February, 2019 at Central bank field, Cairo.

While the Warriors came in strong, the Eagles defense was able to have an almost complete shutdown while their offense was able to make big plays scoring 41 points. This is one of the highest scores recorded in ENFL history coming in after the Tigers win over the Bears back in season 3.

The Eagles operated the first two drives with a surgical grade, Rushing with Youssef adel three times for 40 yards and two touchdown passes scored by Loai Essam and Seif Sweilem. Both touchdowns were followed by a 1 point conversion earned by the kicker Seif Eldin.

The Warriors offense on the other hand, started the game with a long drive, 11 plays to be exact, and while they successfully gained yards the ball was turned over through a sack by defensive end Mohamed Keshk.

They attempted to score in the following drive but were once again faced with a turnover when the Eagles’ Hassan El Mansy recovered a forced fumble.

The Eagles after the turnover tried to march to the end zone but decided to attempt a field goal which was blocked by the Warrios’ linebacker Ramy Tarek, while Mostafa Nader took it to the house with a spectacular 79 yards touchdown. The score became 14 to 6 by the begging of the second quarter.

Before the half ended, The Eagles pulled a spectacular “4 Minute offense” drive with three critical big plays, first was a 48 yards catch by Loai Essam,  followed by a 19 yards Rush from Youssef Adel and a 29 yards Rush by QB Mckenzie. Being 5 yards away from the end zone, Adel Emam finished the drive with an unexpected jet sweep scoring for the Eagles.

The third quarter was dominated by both defensive units who enforced their will on the field and made it a struggle for the offense to move the ball and keep a constant drive.

During the last quarter however, The Eagles offense adjusted and took it all in, gaining yards through passing and rushing by players like Mahmoud Zaghloul, Seif Hesham and finally the touchdown by Hazem Shawkat.

Just like their offense and defense, the Eagles’ special teams unit was just as focused making memorable plays like John Gabra’s fumble recovery in the Warriors red zone. Following, Mohamed Sadek cashed it in with an 18 yards TD pass to Seif Swailem.  

The Warriors final drive was saved by the punt team who fumbeled and recovered the ball from the Eagles’ Hazem Shawkat, enabling them to start close to the end zone. They weren’t able to score however.

While the Eagles final drive started with a monstrous 40 yards run by Mohamed El-Wazir followed by a TD pass by Mohamed Sadek to the rookie Ahmed El Ghandour. Seif Eldin kicked the 1 point conversion ending the game with a remarkable win for the Eagles’ with a 41 to 6 score.

While the game’s MVP Justin Mckenzie who had a passer rating of 146.7 helped his team earn a solid win. The Warriors’ Jeffrey Reed wasn’t able to do the same for the teams. We’re certain that both players will contribute to their team’s performances in the upcoming games.

The Eagles have secured their first win of the season, but it’s definitely way too early to forecast any future game results. The Warriors will definitely battle it out for their comeback, while the Eagles will continue to fight for their wins and rebuild a winning streak.

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