A regular season game but definitely an exceptional one. The road to the playoffs was no    better paved for neither of the teams after many surprises witnessed throughout this particular season.

The competition among the teams is getting stronger every week, a 3-time champion and a team that has never been to the playoffs, had nearly equal chances to grasp the win right to the playoffs.

Both teams seemed extremely hyped, concentrated and focused on their goals since the first second of their warm ups.

The Eagles entered holding their own flag along with the National flag. They showed sustained focus throughout the whole game.

We were about to witness an exceptional come back after their 2 losses from Cairo Bears and their great rival Hell hounds. Eagles were back in the game; even stronger.

On the other hand, with gained confidence after their spectacular performance against Tigers and their first win, the Titans entered the game with high spirits and growing hopes to secure their spot in the playoffs.

The Titans won the coin toss and decided to Kick and start with their defensive unit.

With a 28-yards return by Omar Mahmoud, Eagles’ offensive unit was on the field for the first drive of the game led by the QB McKenzie, from nearly the middle of the field. An advantageous position that was well exploited to score their first touchdown, a pass from McKenzie to Hazem Shawkat followed by a successful kick.

Titans started with 2 runs, trying to build momentum, but they were shortly stopped by Eagles defensive unit, not allowing them any advancement on the field.

Eagles’ second drive was as well successful with another touchdown scored by the QB McKenzie followed by a good kick. The score mounted to 14-0  in the first quarter of the game.

Titans seemed to have lost their focus with a fumbled ball in a 1st down recovered by Eagles, which gave Eagles a dominant position to increase their score with their third down scored by McKenzie for the second time, to end the 1st half with a score of 21-0 for Eagles.

For the first time, Eagles introduced their Rookie QB Aly Sokkar to lead the last drive of the 1st half. He completed a successful pass to Ahmed el Ghandour before the end of the half.

After 3 scored touchdowns, Titans fought their way back in the game, However, Eagles maintained their strong stances, not allowing Titans to score any points. Nevertheless, a 4th touchdown was scored in the 4th quarter by the wide receiver Louay Essam followed by a good kick.

Despite some good runs by Haroon Tharwat in Titans’ last 2 drives, they were unable to reach the end zone or get a first down.

Mohamed Sadek, Eagles QB played the last drive and sealed the deal by scoring the 5th and last touchdown of the game; A pass to Adel Emam who ran 49 yards and scored an exceptional touchdown ending the game with a score of 34-0 to Eagles.

No wonder Eagles running back Mohamed El Wazier received the MVP award for game 2, with his remarkable runs making 71 rushing yards in the game.

An Intense game that paved the “road to playoffs” for the Eagles who earned the win with a great fight and an unceasing strong performance all game long.

We will witness them for the second time this season with their great rival in the playoffs, Hell Hounds. 

A tough classical game is ahead of two fierce teams. The whole community is waiting for the result of a fight no one gets bored of.

Will the eagles mark their come back and surprise the whole community in the playoffs? Or will the hellhounds maintain their winning streak straight to the bowl for the second consecutive time?

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