Week 7 included the big game that all have been waiting for. The Hounds Vs Eagles game is considered one of the most important games in ENFL, as the Eagles won the championship for 3 consecutive years until 2018 when the Hounds stole the spotlight and earned their first title. This game was the first battle between the two championship holders in the season.

     To everyone’s surprise the Eagles chose Sadek to be their starting QB for this game while Macenzie started as their running back. The Hounds kicked off the game strong as Yousef Hamed picked up his first pick six of the season in the game’s opening drive followed by a two-point conversion making the score 8-0. The Hounds offense wanted to give back to their team as Loai Wael scored a touchdown with one-point PAT adding up the score to 15-0. The first half ended with an interception from Abdelrahman Emad from the Hounds with 66 yards.

    The second half started with great pressure from the Hounds defense as Ziad el Mahdy intercepted the ball and giving his offense the chance to score. As Haitham Mohamed from The Hounds added up the score 22-0. The Eagles’ special team gave the spark of coming back as they scored three points field goal. The next drive was unsuccessful for the hounds’ offense as the Hounds were attempting a punt, the Eagles took advantage of the bad snap. The Eagles managed to start their offensive drive on the one-yard line and a keep by Justin McKenzie led to the Eagles’ first touchdown of the game narrowing the score to 22-10.

    Yassin Sherif the Hounds QB set his foot on the field for 2 drives each of them ended with a touchdown. The first one was a pass to Loai Wael followed by a one-point PAT keeping the score 29-10. An interception from Hassan el Ganyayney from the hounds with 24 yards in the last four minutes in the game, getting them closer to one more. One more drive for the Hounds’ offense which ended with Yassin keeping the ball for the final touchdown of the game settling the score to 36-10.

     In conclusion, both teams fought hard for their victory, but The Hounds managed to win to keep their winning streak. Loai Wael from the Cairo Hell Hounds earned MVP with a total of 2 touchdowns. Mohy Omar the head coach of the Eagles stated “Hounds earned their victory and we are going to meet them again in the playoffs”. While Abdelrahman el Zamzamy the linebacker from the GUC Eagles took the best performance. Mohamed Helmy the Defensive coordinator of the Hounds mentioned that “Abdelrahman el Zmzamy is a very good linebacker as he always makes tackle on the line of scrimmage and he also created pressure”. Thus, it was a game full of tension, but Hounds continued their streak.