The Egyptian National Football League (ENFL) is a full contact, tackle football league. ENFL started in 2015 with five teams.

Currently, ENFL comprises 8 teams, 4 East and 4 West. The games will be held every Friday, with a total of 23 games and more than 10K attendees. The 2017/2018 ENFL season starts in February and ends in May.

The regular league is followed by a play-off stage where the two winning teams face off in the main American football event in Egypt, the Egyptian Bowl! The winner gets the Egyptian Bowl trophy as well as a year’s worth of bragging rights.


Flag football is a tackle-free version of American football, which requires no protective equipment. Rather than tackle a player to the ground, opponents pull on flag found on the player’s side to stop the play.

Flag football requires intensity, teamwork, athleticism and is perfect for those interested in the sport but would not prefer the tackle aspect of it.

The league starts in February and end in April. The 2017/2018 Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL) season games will be held every Saturday, with a total of 31 games and more than 5K attendees.