The Cairo Wolves secured their first win of the season against The MSA Tigers in week 3 of ENFL VII.  While both offensive units struggled, the win was still attainable for the Wolves. 

The Tigers’ struggle 

While the MSA Tigers were able to earn a win last week against the Cairo Hellhounds, they once again showed struggle this week when they met the Wolves. 

The Tigers’ passing game certainly stands below their average performances over the years, with only a 21% completion rate and a single passing first down. The offense has managed to earn 3 completions between the 2 receivers Bassem Tarek and Marwan Fouad, combined, they’ve got 13.5 yards, one first down and a fumble.

As for the running game, Loai El Damanhoury has also been struggling, with only 53 yards and 2 fumbles, its certain that the time away from football has affected the Tigers’ running back. 

If the Tigers are still not able to put any points on the board, this year’s championship will be beyond their reach. 

As for the defense, it’s safe to say that it’s been the backbone to the team throughout ENFL VII. The offense not only trusts them, but depends on them as they exhaust their 4 downs in attempt of making progress. 

Once the ball is turned over, the defense goes in and does their best to ensure their opponent doesn’t score, regardless to the ball position in field. Which they have managed to do, allowing only 3 points to the Wolves during their field goal. 

They’re still managing to maintain shutdowns through the game, but their impressive performance on its own would not be able to grant the team a spot high in the chart. 

The Wolves’ Defense Secures the Win

The Wolves’ offense may be struggling almost as much as the Tigers, with once again only a single first down per game, 3 completions between two receivers and a total of 27 yards. The passing game is certainly at a loss. The running game isn’t much different with 35 yards gain between 3 running backs. 

However, throughout last week’s game, the Cairo Wolves were able to depend on their defensive units to not only shut down all running game, but also put enough pressure on the Tigers’ QB forcing rushed throws. 

The pressure resulted in 3 interceptions by the Wolves’ defense, one of which was a pick six during the first quarter. 

Jumping forward to the last quarter, the Wolves went for a field goal to solidify their win with 10 points to nothing. 

The Wolves have only played 2 games this far in the season and currently rank third in the chart. As for the Tigers, they’ve played 3 games, with 2 losses and a win, and they currently sit at the bottom of the chart.