It’s no doubt that sports are a source of inspiration to players and many fans, but this time we’re taking a look at a fan who became a source of inspiration to a team. The young Zaiden Elgohzy has found his home within the Cairo Hell Hounds becoming their number one fan and their biggest supporter.

            The 9 years old has been diagnosed with Autism early on in his childhood and has since kept a large distance dealing with people and avoided playing with kids of his age.

            So where did the story start? Zaiden’s mother, Heather Gracia, came to Egypt to work and found the Cairo Hell Hounds through facebook. Knowing that American Football is her son’s favorite sport she contacted the page explaining his situation and asking about games and the possibility of attending one.

            Accordingly, the Hounds replied right away inviting the small family to attend their game. Not only to watch, but they’ve managed to go above and beyond coordinating with EFAF to allow Zaiden to play for a drive before the game against the MSA Tigers and score a touchdown.

           Since the gesture, Zaiden has never missed a Hounds game and has become their number one fan. He also attends practices with the team and joins the warmups. Omar El-Ghazouli explained to us how as they got to know him as a team they saw a sweet child who just needed a little push to shine, he also stated that during practices Zaiden gets to play with the ball as a Hounds’ player.

           The team who welcomed the child as one of their own has influenced many habit changes. His mother spoke to us of how he’s become a lot more sociable since joining the team. The effect wasn’t only regarding his communication with others but has also positively affected his health influencing better eating habits.

            As for the Hounds, many of the players are very attached to Zaiden, Mohamed Hamed, his now best friend from the team stated “I get my inspiration from him, he supports me as if he is one of my close friends not just a child or a regular fan.”

            American Football is definitely the ultimate team sport, but the positivity isn’t limited to players but also the family that can inspire many like Zaiden who had drastic changes in lifestyle and personality since calling the Hell Hounds his family.

“The Hell Hounds is the best team in Egypt, they won last season and they will win all the coming seasons forever, and I wish to play with them once I reach 18,” said Zaiden Elghozy, the inspiration hero. We definitely can’t wait to see the day when Zaiden starts for the Cairo Hell Hounds!