​The Bears and the Warriors had a rough matchup in week 9. Each team was fighting for different reasons. In case of the Bears, their win meant securing their place as the East champions, while the Warriors were looking for their second win of the season. The game was different as the Warriors relentlessly fought for their playoff spot. On the other hand, The Bears managed to come back after a sloppy start to the game.

The first half started with the Warriors kicking off. The ball touched a player from the bears, but it was fumbled and recovered by Shady Amgad -the Warriors’ MVP from last gamge- for 55 yards and scoring the first touchdown in the game with a one-point PAT making the score 7-0. The Bears strongly replied with another, as the Bears’ dependable weapon Marwan Wafik scored a touchdown with a one-point PAT making the score even 7-7. Bears’ star defensive back Gasser Khaled intercepted the ball continuing his amazing performance this season but it was the Bears’ offence wasn’t able to capitalize on the chance with a score. Warriors’ import QB Jeffery Lloyd ran the ball into the endzone securing a 14-7 lead for the Warriors at the half.

The Bears came back in the second half, they opened up the 3rd quarter with their offensive unit focused and took advantage of a forced fumble to a score their second touch down with a run from running back Islam Mohamed. The score was even again for the second time in the game 14-13 and one team had to decide whether to walk out of this match with pride. It came down to the last seconds of the game as wide receiver Amr Wael from the Beara recieved the last touchdown of the game in addition to a two points conversion that secured the Bears win for this match with a final score 21-14.

In conclusion, the Bears team as one family managed to celebrate Abo Shady’s birthday by winning their last match before the playoffs. The Bears earned their win and are officially the champions of the East division. As for the Warriors, their playoff spot may have been lost, but they have a lot to look forward to next year after showing major signs of development.

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