Previously in this week, American Football community witnessed a strong game between the Cairo Bears Team and the AUC Titans Team on Friday the 22nd at the Central Bank Court with a final score of 49 -0 for the Cairo Bears.

Cairo Bears secured their first win in this league after their loss against Cairo Hell Hounds, however, at this game, Bears showed an extremely different and stronger performance from both sides, offense and defence.

This is the first win for the Cairo Bears this season having their previous Head Coach Shady Kadry.

In a pre-game interview, Kadry said to EFAF Press team, “We are ready and fully prepared for this game as the Titans is not an easy team, we focused more on our mistakes at the last game and we will fight as if this is our last one.”

Both teams weren’t able to score any points for the first 4 drives with a two way pressure from the defensive units of both the teams, until Ahmed Gamal (23) from the Bears made a punt return with 25 yards and changed the score to 6-0 as a beginning only, followed by a fumble that was recovered by Joe Said (22) or as called buckets.

The pressure of the Bears defence eased the way for their QB Abo Shady and the running back Islam Mohamed who was a Titans player last season to score their second touchdown and increase their score to 12 to 0 points.

Titans started the 2nd quarter with hyped vibes followed by a good throw from their QB Youssef Tharwat (2), and an incredible catch by Youssef Mofeed (17) that led them to the first down and gave them a new 4 chances. The Bears defence however, adjusted and took it back again with an interception by Gasser (25) carrying the ball for 51 yard all the way to the end zone to raise the score to 18-0.

The following offensive drive from the Titans wasn’t as efficacious as they wanted it to be where the ball was fumbled immediately after the punt and recovered by Abdullah Nasr (3) from the Bears who earlier attained a sack at the beginning of the game allowing Marwan Waffik from the Bears offensive unit to secure his first touchdown taking the lead to a 24 to 0 score.

The Bears started the following drive strongly with great enthusiasm from the key player Ahmed Ismail who sacked the titans QB at the first seconds of the play enabling the defensive player Anas Elabyad to intercept the ball.

At this game, the Bears ensured giving their different strings significant playing time; from the beginning of the 3rd quarter, the 2nd string QB Omar Mowaffy hit the field with a 27 yard pass to Marwan Waffik to secure his second touchdown followed by a 4 yards keep from Mowaffy and a 2 points conversion, the score then became 38 to 0.

Having the 4th and the final quarter with pressure on the Titans, their first punt was fumbled and recovered by (29) and again followed by a keep from Mowaffy to raise the score to 44 to 0 and to lead him to be the MVP of the game, the TD was once again followed by a 2 points conversion.

The Bears ended the drive with a field goal by Amr Hanafy with a final score of 49-0 in a very glorified game.

In a very intense game, the Bears were able to prove themselves and to raise the bar high for the rest of the teams they are going to meet, the Titans will definitely battle for their comeback. 

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