Bears VS Eagles

In a game that the least to be said as one of the most heart attacking games during the ENFL history at week 6, the Cairo bears have managed to seal an important win against the GUC eagles in overtime with a score of 6-0, to take the leadership of the east division.

The Bears, who were entering the match with the hype of their huge 49-0 win over the AUC titans in week 4, were looking for a big dog fight in that game to secure playoff bounds. While the eagles, who had two bye weeks to prepare after their win against the Cairo Wolves in week 2, wanting to maintain their place as the leaders of the east division.

The warm-ups were quiet and witnessed complete focus from both teams starting from players, all the way to the coaching staff, to a point that eagle’s Head coach Mohy Omar wasn’t able to give us any pre game statement. However, we were able to get some words from the Bears’ current head coach Shady El Kadry, who had full confidence in the game,” it’s going to be a tough match for sure” He started, “the Eagles are a well-known team not just for the skills he has in his players but also the coaching staff, and all we need is to focus and able to take advantage of any mistakes and make the plays as it should.” And about whether the absence of former Head coach John Burleson and import running back Malcom Gasque would give a lead to the eagles with Quarterback Justin McKenzie in their favor. “we have full confidence in our players, a team doesn’t have to get an import player to do a great match, we did good preparation for this game during the week by watching games, seeing the weak points, of course an import player will come with his pros but still we have full confidence in our player to secure the win today.”

One of the main surprise absence during the kickoff was the Eagles’ wide receiver Self Swailam, although he was in full gear and ready but wasn’t participating in the game which had a lot of question marks.

During the first minutes of the game the Eagles’ started off with a running game that was stopped as the Bear’s defensive line were able to lockdown the first drive. To note, both teams’ defensive units had a big day.

The Bears rhythm in the offense and passing game was starting to build up, unlike the Eagles who looked like they’re having a bad day. The Bears’ defense took advantage and earned their first interception of the game. It was however quickly returned by the Eagles’ defense who also intercepted the ball in the following drive.

The Eagles’ offense continued to struggle earning a total of 36 passing yards in the first half. This reflected on their sideline showing tension tension and frustration, while the Bears’ sideline showed confidence and more calmness.

At the second half people thought the Eagles’ offense will jump start and dominate the game again, however the Bears’ defensive line continued to add pressure resulting in a forced fumble

As for the Bears’ offense, who was also repeatedly stopped by the Eagles’ defense. The former Eagles’ player Mazen Magdy and now Bears’ running back showed a solid performance in the running game yet was still unable to score.

As for the Eagles, a lot of questions was being asked even in the fanbase about the position of the Quarterback, as Justin has thrown his third interception of the game, the main question was why Mohamed Sadek is not starting over Justin at the fourth quarter. Having one of the best native Quarterback in the league yet not getting him in a match where was shown the offensive passing was being manhandled left a lot of Eagle’s fans in shock and disbelieve.

But on the Bears’ side, the offense showed the performance of a lifetime as the team was pushing on to the endzone in a perfect solid performance especially from receiver Youssef Mahmoud. Nearing the end of the game and no numbers on the score sheet the tension increased on field. As time ran out, it the game went into overtime, for the first time in ENFL history.

As the rule of the overtime showed, whoever scores a touchdown wins the game, the sound of the wind was only to be heard, no one was able to talk or give anything from the stands and the sideline was in deep concentration, as all was saying that Sadek would enter the game yet the coaching staff decided to keep faith in Justin to end the game, , then to come for the Bears to take advantage and execute perfectly to score a 5 yard pass winning touchdown by Abo Shady to Omar Mowafy.

During the post-game interview, we asked the Eagles’ veteran Quarterback Mohamed sadek who was the talk of the game “the bears did a better job executing down the stretch, they were able to stop our offense from scoring and despite a phenomenal performance from our defense the bears were able to come up with the score. “and asked about how can they fix the offensive unit during the week as they have an old rivalry next Friday. “I trust our coaches to make the necessary adjustments and put us in the best position to succeed.”

On the other hand, Bears’ Quarterback Mahmoud Aboushady showed the appreciation and the joy after the win. “it means a lot to us after starting the season with unfortunate start. “he said. “We changed a lot of things in our strategy since our first game, the team needed that win to motivate us and the main thing that I believe came out of this game is hope, especially having a new experience to go into overtime and the team showed courage and heart and the win means everything to us.”

And while asked about their next game and will they go in prepared, “we have a 24-hour rule which means celebrate for 24 hours and that’s it, we always look on every game like it’s a championship game and it’s never easy.”

The Cairo bears have shown their might giving the GUC eagles their first defeat of the season and snatching the top of the east division, the bears will show yet they can keep it going by facing the MSA tigers in week 8,while the eagles have to gather up and rebuild their focus as they take on one of the most awaited game in the season with their rivals the Cairo Hellhounds in week 7 and with all the redemption and hype coming from last season and yet questions will be asked about the rotation of the Quarterback position.