The Eagles Athletic Club have initiated and are hosting a first of its kind tournament in collaboration with the Cairo Bears; African Flag Ladies Cup, and we couldn’t be more excited! 

The unprecedented mini tournament will consist of a one-day training camp as well as a one-day cup through which a winner will be crowned. 

Playing for the cup are of course, the Eagles, as well as the Cairo Bears. The Moroccan Jaguars will also be competing for the win. And last but not least, the tournament’s guest of honor coming all the way from Pennsylvania, USA; The Philadelphia Phantomz. 

The African Flag Ladies Cup (AFLC) will be played on Friday, the 8thof January and will take place in the West side of Cairo, officially sponsored by Zed, El Sheikh Zayed.

The AFLC has also received international support, as the Star Wright foundation has sponsored the US and Moroccan teams to enable their visit to Egypt under their access to play initiative.  

The cup will be a knock-off tournament with the first picks done by random draw. Kicking off the AFLC tournament will be the Eagles as they face the Moroccan Jaguars. The Eagles have been undefeated for a total of 13 games to this point. Since their playoffs loss in season 2, the Eagles’ ladies have shown great talent and commitment to maintaining their streak that has proven successful game after game. 

They may have an unbeaten record, but will the Eagles be challenged by the Jaguars? 

The second game will be between the Cairo Bears and the Philadelphia Phantomz. The Bears’ ladies have also shown great talent along with strength in the Egyptian Flag Football League (EFFL), they have proven that they’re a force to be reckoned with. The Bears have plenty of talent, but one that always stands out is their star player Haidy Wael as she plays on both Offense and Defense, being an overall powerful joker card on the field. The Phantomz are also celebrating many of their stars through their social media with a roster ranging from brand ambassadors, entrepreneurs and NFL flag ambassadors. 

Of course, it all comes down to performance on field, and we’re eager to watch these two teams get competitive. 

It’s to be noted that the Ladies’ flag football teams have had previous experiences in international games. Like the Cairo Warriors VS the Moroccan Black Mambas, also the Cairo Hellhounds who have travelled to the USA to compete internationally. 

However, this tournament, the AFLC, is the first of its kind. Being a mini- international tournament, played on an Egyptian field. Not only celebrating the sport in Egypt, but also our African ties and how Football brings all closer. 

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