The Cairo Warriors are ready to fight this season trying to leave an impression and put the building blocks to a future legacy.

The Warriors is the only team who had their ladies’ team competing before men. Being first established in 2015 the Warriors men have played for the Hounds in ENFL II and for the Bears in ENFL III.

They were first affiliated as the Cairo Warriors in 2017 to officially compete in ENFL IV ; a season in which they had an impressive performance noting that they had no import players nor a coach.

Preparing for their second season the Warriors may be underrated for the fact that they’re one of the newer teams and the loss of big players like the Pharaohs’ tight end Mahmoud Banhawy.

They are however confident in their new line of players who are being coached by AJ Brown, their American coach for the season. Brown has plenty of experience in coaching football in many countries like Germany and Brazil.

They’re also expecting an import QB to arrive within the next few days which will most definitely give the Warriors a boost.

Although they’ve lost a couple of players, the Warriors were able to secure players from the Thunder as well as the Bears. One of these important names would be Ayman Khaled, previously Bears’ linebacker and will currently be playing in the Warriors D line.

While playing two pre-season games the Warriors’ rookies were able to not only gain the experience of the game, but have also competed against much more experienced teams and were able to deliver a respectable performance.

An excellent example would be their pre-season game against one of the biggest teams affiliated with EFAF, the MSA Tigers. Although they didn’t win the game, they were able to end the first half with a 6 to 2 score in their favor.

The Warriors offense will definitely be able to make big plays this season specially with the addition of an import QB along a fresh line of receivers. As for the defense, they’ve showed depth in their defensive players with specifically remarkable safeties like Muhamed Soliman, also known as Mounir.

But the most important part is the element of surprise this team will have with their high number of rookies and the fact that we simply cant forecast which of those players will be able to leave a mark and maybe even earn stats to be nominated along the season awards.

But for now, here are three names we know we’ll keep an eye on this season. First, is Ayman Nasr ElDin, aka Calosha, who will be making a comeback to his team and will definitely be leaving his mark on the field . Second, is one of EFAF’s own members of the officiating committee, running back Mohamed El Far. Third, is their speedster safety and receiver Mounir.

The almost all rookie team will play their first game against the 3 times champions, the GUC Eagles. Although it would be a tough game, the Warriors are fully prepared to deliver and promise us an interesting game to watch.

The Warriors will definitely have a long road ahead of them, but the excitement of football remains completely in how games’ scores can easily change and that any team can leave a mark in our minds. We’re certain that the Warriors have successfully prepared for the high level of competition in ENFL V and we’re excited to watch all of it unfold.

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