The football community has been growing for the past couple of years and proudly has a unique circle at the moment.

While there is a ton of significant names among the football community, we’ve tried to select 15 names we’re certain that you’re quite aware of!

15) Mohamed Abdelaty

One of the most significant names among linemen in Egypt and one with a constant sense of humor , Meshmesh is a face you never forget.

14) Moaz Sabah

The Wolves’ young coach and significant player is definitely known for his experience, but is also known for his swag.

13) Nora Ali

Being one of the first females to play football in Egypt and a Rugby player, the previous Warrior and current Eagles’ player has left her mark playing on both offense and defense.

12) Calosha

Being a speedster, the Warriors’ founder is often referred to as the black panther of the Egyptian league.

11) Malak Sabry

The Eagles’ QB has proven herself over the years leading her team into wins and herself into becoming an iconic name in EFFL.

10) Murad Wagdy

Being one of the most friendly and fun people among our community, the impressive lineman definitely has a place in the hearts of many!

9) Mohy Omar

Being one of the most iconic names in coaching, Mohy is well known for his vast experience in Football, guiding his team into championships and for being the Pharaoh’s head coach.

8) Youssef Zaitoun

If you haven’t heard a high pitched “Zaitooooooooon” from the audience, you haven’t attended a football game yet. The Hounds’ receiver has earned his popularity being a constant leader in his position.

7) Mostafa Yasser

The most significant referee with the most significant accent which people usually react to with things like “an astonishing call from the referee”. If you read that in a British accent you know what we’re talking about.

6) Seif Swailam

When you have a Ramadan tournament in your name, people will end up knowing who you are. It’s no secret that the Eagles’ receiver is among the most popular names in American Football in Egypt.

5) Mostafa Hamad

You’ve never heard him trash talk! but the memorable linebacker and current ENFL project manager Sasa is definitely among our top names!

4) Diaa Hamimy

From his “Haweends” days to the fun memes, Hamimy is one name you can’t argue about. ( remember to pray for his mom! )

3) Ahmed Zakaria

You love him, you hate him and you hate to love him. The man who’s been dedicated to managing the stats (wla performance?) year after year has become an iconic mark in EFAF’s history.

2) Ahmed El Refaey

The godfather of American Football in Egypt and founder of the Thunder (wa7ed bas). Ref will certainly always be a significant name.

1)Micheal Ackad aka Shortet El Grammar

If he hasn’t corrected you yet, you’ve seen him correct others at least once. Simply put, you’ve definitely seen the critic in him one way or another. Ackad is a name we definitely cant forget!

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